Traffic to be blocked around Jamestown Square tomorrow

Traffic will be blocked up to two blocks in each direction from the Jamestown Square tomorrow due to the Lake, Rattle & Roll Festival.

Traffic will be blocked from 7 a.m. until midnight and will follow the typical traffic procedures used for Lakefest.

The full release from the Jamestown Police Department regarding traffic patterns on Saturday can be found below.

The traffic flow is as follows:South bound on U. S. 127 business traffic will need to make right turn at the intersection of Shelby Street and travel to Ballard Street where a left turn can be made to access U. S. 127 Business South where they can make a right turn. If the motorist chose they may continue across 127 Business onto Ballard Street to the intersection of Jefferson Street where they may make a left turn to access Kentucky 92 (a right turn) to travel to the Jamestown Marina or residential areas off of Kentucky 92.

Motorist entering Jamestown from the south on U. S. 127 will need to make a right turn onto Ballard Street and a left turn onto Jefferson Street to access Kentucky 92 or they may continue across Kentucky 92 onto Jefferson Street then to Meadows Lane where a left turn can be made.

Motorist arriving at the intersection of Meadows Lane and East Cumberland Ave. or Kentucky 619 must turn right onto Kentucky 619 where they may travel on Kentucky 619 or make a left onto Scholl Street if they wish to access U. S. 127 Business North. Motorist after turning left onto Scholl Street must turn left onto Shelby Street to access U. S. 127 Business North. Once at the intersection of U.S. 127 Business motorist have the option of a right turn or travel across U. S. 127 Business onto Shelby Street to access U. S. 127 Business South. A one way traffic flow pattern around the perimeter of blocked access will be utilized for the expedient flow of traffic and will be in a counter clockwise direction.No left turns are permitted from:• Southbound on U. S. 127 (North Main Street) at Shelby Street (right turn only)• Northbound on U. S 127 Business (West Cumberland Ave.) at Ballard Street (right turn only)• Kentucky 92 from Jamestown Marina (Boat Dock Road) at Jefferson Street (right turn only)• Kentucky 619 (East Cumberland Ave) at Jefferson Street (right turn only)

Semi, Large Box Van Trucks and Boat Trailers of Excessive Length:Semi’s, large box van type trucks and boat trailers of excessive length which are traveling north or south and have no legitimatebusiness in the Jamestown area are encouraged to utilize the U.S. 127 Bypass for traveling north or south around the Lakefestevent during the hours specified in this news release, for street blockages.

During the fireworks display at 9 p.m. all traffic in and around Meadows Lane and East Cumberland Ave. will be shut down completely. Traffic in-bound on East Cumberland can still turn right onto Scholl Street.

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