Stacey and Jeff Sheppard Having Fun Watching Their Son, Reed

Stacey and Jeff Sheppard knew watching their son, Reed, play at Kentucky this season would be a surreal experience at times for the two former UK stars. They have had as much fun as UK fans watching this season.

The Sheppards were confident Reed could play at Kentucky. He finished his high school career at North Laurel with 3,727 points (third best in state history) along with 1,214 assists (second best in state history). He also 1,050 rebounds and a state-record 653 steals. He was Kentucky’s Mr. Basketball and Gatorade Player of the Year in 2023 as well as a McDonald’s All-American.

However, even the two former UK stars never expected to have their son’s name showing up on NBA mock draft projections so early in his career like what has happened. He has even been projected as a lottery pick by several NBA draft analysts.

“It is crazy. A lot of things are happening very fast,” Stacey said. “We are not having any conversations with Reed. We want him to focus on this year and his team and what to do to prepare for every game. There is lots of stuff to deal with when the time comes. If that happens, Jeff and I will try to vet everything and let Reed make his own decisions. But that really is not something we are even thinking about.”

Yahoo Sports draft analyst Krysten Peek says NBA personnel continue to speak highly about Sheppard and his draft value.

“They know Reed not only is a high level shooter but has a great basketball IQ, is a great shooter and is not afraid to take big shots,” Peek said. “I wasn’t sure Reed’s game would transition to college so well this quickly but I always knew he would buy into what the coaches wanted and would be a really good player.”

Stacey Sheppard still remembers dropping Reed off at UK in May to start college and just wanting him to come home to see her.

“Whatever happens will happen and we definitely don’t know what that could be,” Stacey said. “I am sure after the season is over we will have some conversations with Reed and his coaches. But we just want to enjoy these moments with Reed and allow him to be a freshman.

“This team is great and they have fun playing together. We know Kentucky fans are going to cheer for their own because they are very loyal. But when you put guys around him who play the right way, what is not to love about this team and Reed being part of it is just very special to us.”