Restaurant and Retail Inspections report

The following is the latest retail and restaurant inspections report from the Lake Cumberland District Health Department.

Snap’s Soda Shop – 100 percent – OK to open

KFC – 97 percent – Walk in cooler not maintaining 41 degrees or below – food contents destroyed

Mini Indy Go Kart Track – 100 percent

Kevin’s Sano Country Store – 100 percent for restaurant and retail

Dunamis Fitness – 100 percent

Happy Hawg BBQ – 99 percent – thermometers required in all refrigeration units

Dairy Queen – 100 percent

M&M Lodge – 100 percent

Anchor Liquors – 100 percent

McDonald’s – 91 percent – Flooring unclean, dented cans on shelf for use – corrected, water faucet at three compartment sink in poor repair, personal drinks stored in cooler, refrigerator door in poor repair at back cook line, equipment unclean, and ice build up inside walk in freezer.

Subway – 98 percent – Soap dispenser at front line in poor repair and hard to reach areas of floor unclean.

Common Grounds Coffee & Yoga – 100 percent

An establishment may pass inspection by having a score between 85 and 100 but critical violations must be corrected within 10 days. Otherwise, violations are expected to be corrected by the next inspection.

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