First House bill related to juvenile justice reform advances from committee

The November 2022 riot at the Adair Youth Development Center has led to discussions by legislators and Kentucky’s juvenile justice system is likely to undergo some major changes before the end of the 2023 legislative session.

House Bill 3 is one of several juvenile justice reform-related bills that will be considered this year. Under that bill, children taken into custody for a violent felony offense will be detained a maximum of 48 hours before receiving a detention hearing and an evaluation on mental health and substance use disorders

Additionally, HB 3 seeks to hold uncooperative parents accountable when it comes to their child’s school attendance or participation in a diversion program, open records for five years for children convicted of a violent felony offense, and allocates $9 million to the state Department of Juvenile justice for reopening the Jefferson County Youth Detention Center with 40 beds.

On Wednesday, the House Judiciary Committee approved House Bill 3 by a 15-1 vote with two pass votes. It will now go before the full House for consideration.