Corps again says upcoming dam work will have no affect on lake level, tourism

The U.S Army Corps of Engineers took to social media over the weekend to quash rumors that impending work on Wolf Creek Dam would prompt the Corps to lower the water levels of Lake Cumberland.

The Corps will soon begin a spillway gates replacement project on the dam that will cost more than $109 million.

A study performed in 2016 revealed that the 10 spillway tainter gates are overstressed.

The Corps has said that replacement of gates will occur between June and November each year, as this is considered the dry season and there is a lower lake level and less risk for flooding.

Over the weekend, the Corps said water managers will continue to maintain lake levels according to established operating bands and no impact to recreation is expected due to this construction project. The Corps also said that if US 127 had to be closed at the dam due to the work it would likely only be for short periods of time.

The project is fully funded by the Disaster Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2022.

The full Corps graphic can be seen below: