Late fall shotgun turkey season starts Saturday

Local hunters have one final opportunity to harvest wild turkeys with a shotgun this year during the late fall shotgun season, which opens tomorrow, Saturday, Dec. 3rd and runs through Friday, Dec. 9th.

Officials with the Kentucky Department of Fish and Wildlife say no more than two turkeys can be taken with a shotgun, with a one bird limit per day. Also, no more than one bird can have a beard length of three inches or longer.

Of note for turkey hunters that may have hunted deer on the same property, officials say it is illegal to hunt turkeys over bait – an area where feed, grains or other substances capable of luring wild turkeys have been placed.

An area is considered baited until 30 days after the bait has been removed. However, an area where grain, feed or other substances exists as the result of a bona fide agricultural practice or food plot for wildlife management purposes is legal for turkey hunting.