‘Team Kentucky’ standard license plate option coming soon

In addition to the current standard license plate design, Kentucky soon will offer a new “Team Kentucky” standard license plate option.

The Team Kentucky pays homage to the commonwealth’s famous Kentucky Bluegrass.

The plates will be available for purchase in the county clerk’s office starting Monday, October 24th. Fees for standard issue plates remain $21 when it’s time to renew. Kentuckians who would like to purchase the new standard plate before they are due to renew will pay $3.

The new license plate designs will be offered on flat aluminum plates as part of cabinet’s transition to more efficient digital printing in 2020. With digital technology, standard and specialty license plates can be produced as needed rather than having to be mass-produced. The new plates were designed and printed at no additional cost to the state.

The two standard license plate options continue to include the option to have the words “In God We Trust” added to the plate.