Corps hoping to prevent spread of invasive carp in Cumberland River, other waterways

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers in Nashville is evaluating measures and alternatives to manage and prevent the spread of invasive carp in Kentucky’s Cumberland River, the Tennessee River, and several other waterways in Tennessee, Alabama and Mississippi through the National Environmental Policy Act.

Invasive carp are a major concern in the Mississippi River basin. Movement through lock systems is the primary means of upstream migration into waterways such as the Cumberland and Tennessee rivers. Invasive carp are in direct competition with native aquatic species for food and habitat and pose a major threat to the ecology, environment, economy and safety. This review will address the extent of four exotic carp species into these waterways based on data from multiple federal and state resource agencies.

The Corps say this study will develop feasible alternatives to best manage and prevent the spread of invasive carp using innovative technologies, methods and measures.