Restaurant and Retail Inspections Report

The following is the latest retail and restaurant inspection report from the Lake Cumberland District Health Department. These inspections took place between mid-June and July 5th.

Wendy’s: Food Service 86 percent, flies throughout building, dust build-up on ceiling vents for heat and air unit, hair restraints not worn, floor of walk-in freezer unclean, hard to reach areas of food prep area unclean, grill hood unclean, employee drinks in food prep area-corrected, light shield missing inside walk-in refrigerator, handwash sinks not accessible in food prep area, condiments stored in unclean containers at drive-thru window, back door in poor repair, bacon warmer located in dish wash area, shelving unclean, men’s restrooms urinal in poor repair, food marked containers stored on floor, and ice machine with rust build-up inside.

Stropoli’s Famous Pasta: Food 97 percent, okay to open, need divider to separate food service and public area, need hand wash signs at hand sink, separate food product containers and food prep area.

Java Springs: Food 100 percent, okay to open

An establishment may pass inspection by having a score between 85 and 100 but critical violations must be corrected within 10 days. Otherwise, violations are expected to be corrected by the next inspection.