Circuit clerks remain committed to ‘Trust For Life’ organization

Despite changes to the driver’s licensing process in the state, Kentucky’s Circuit Court Clerks remain committed to the mission of organ donation and transplantation.

The circuit clerk’s created the Trust For Life, a 501c3 non-profit organization, in 1992.

Clerks chose to raise dollar donations for education about the vital need for organ donation when the mission was not as commonly discussed as it is today. Since then, the TFL has raised and invested over $18 million dollars in organ donation education in Kentucky.

There are no age or health limits, so everyone can register as a lifesaving donor.

Their efforts have resulted in millions of people saying “YES” to organ donation and a dramatic increase in organ transplants. Most people register as an organ donor when they get a driver’s license. Since 2006 when the online Kentucky Organ Donor Registry was created, the circuit clerks have added over 2 million names to the Registry.

For more information about organ, tissue and cornea donation or to register as a donor, please visit