SOS Michael Adams says voter rolls were cleaned up more in November

Frankfort, Ky. (December 23, 2021) Secretary of State Michael Adams announces that in the month of November – the eighth time this year – more voters were removed from Kentucky’s voter rolls than added.

In November, 7,349 new voters registered, and 7,755 were removed – 6,606 deceased voters, 615 felony convicts, 443 who moved out of state, 64 who were adjudged mentally incompetent, and 27 who voluntarily de-registered.

“Cleaning up our voter rolls not only prevents election fraud, it also saves voters and poll workers time, and makes the lines shorter, on election day,” said Adams.

Democratic registrants make up 45.8 percent of the electorate, with 1,631,845 registered voters. Democratic registration dropped by 5,161, a 0.32 percent decrease. Republican registrants total 1,586,189, or 44.6 percent of voters. Republicans saw an increase of 3,872 voters, an increase of 0.25 percent. In addition, 9.53 percent of voters, or 339,100, are listed under other affiliations, which saw an increase of 883 voters, a 0.26 percent increase.

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