Sheriff’s office working on plans to put SRO at Jamestown Elementary

Russell County Sheriff Derek Polston is actively working to place a school resource officer at Jamestown Elementary School.

Jamestown is the only school within the district that currently does not have a school resource officer, and Polston said a grant has been submitted that would place an officer there.

However, the sheriff’s office will not know whether they’ve received the grant until October or November, and with no guarantee that they’ll receive the grant funding, Polston has proposed an alternative that would place an officer at the school.

Polston’s plan involves the Russell County Board of Education, Russell County Sheriff’s Office, City of Jamestown, and Russell County Fiscal Court each providing one-quarter of the cost to place an officer at JES.

Each of the entities have approved funding for the plan, in case the sheriff’s office does not receive the grant funding. Polston went before each entity explaining the plan over the last week, with the final pitch being to the board of education Monday night.

Each entity would be responsible for between $7,500 and $8,000. Polston said that would be enough to hire a retired law enforcement officer, and he said over the last couple days, he’s had a few retired officers express interest in the job.

Of course, if the grant comes through, the funding from each entity would not be necessary but Polston said he wanted to have this plan in place to be prepared in case the grant funding isn’t received.

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