Russell County Fair Pageant Results

Boys 0-6 Months (Parents)

  1. Deklynn Coe (Nick and Whitney Coe)
  2. Jake Edwards (Stephen and Cortney Edwards)
  3. Greyson McQueary (Hannah Salyer and Randy McQueary)
  4. Nolan Zapata (Alberton and Caitlin Zapata)

Girls 0-6 Months

  1. Landree McFarland (Kendall McFarland and Saige Bolin)
  2. Madelynn Henry (Taylor Irvin and Edmond Henry)
  3. Olivia George (Owen and Kyla George)
  4. Taelynn Atchley (Bethany and Tyler Atchley)

Boys 6 to 12 months

  1. Jaxston Mann (Leo and Shelbie Mann)
  2. Karson Loy (Logan and Amanda Loy)
  3. Axell Robertson (Josh and Kylie Robertson)
  4. TIE Axl Richard (Jonathan and Amber Richard) and Benjamin Crawhorn (Jenny Reed and Dylan Crawhorn)

Girls 6 to 12 Months

  1. Riley Keeling (Summer and Josh Keeling)
  2. Evelyn Gosser (Cody and Mackenzie Gosser)
  3. Alexandria Gomez ( Delmar Gomez and Jennifer Neal)
  4. Kingslee Atwood (Alexa Antle and Jake Atwood)

Boys 12 to 18 months

  1. Jackson Ford (Jordan and Katy Ford)
  2. Asher Burton (Rodney and Ashley Burton)
  3. Bowman Staten (Chandler and Hailey Staten)
  4. Dax Flatt (Grayson Pennington and Austin Flatt)

Girls 12 to 18 Months

  1. Riverlin Best (Hunter Best and Bailey Brown)
  2. Clara Roy (Jesse and Amanda Roy)
  3. Abileigh Westray (Desaray and Joshua Westray)
  4. Zora Harris (Kelsey and Zach Harris)

Boys 18 to 24 Months

  1. Logan Watson (Matthew Watson and Landra Brown)
  2. Cash Thrasher (Jason and Makayla Thrasher)
  3. Gunner Robertson (Cody and Brittany Robertson)
  4. Ryan Mondie (Janeilly and Ryan Mondie)

Girls 18 to 24 Months

  1. Regan Ellis (Tom and Eryan Ellis)
  2. Teagyn Bernard (Arron Bernard and Saige Bolin)
  3. Lanie Luttrell (Taylor and Nathan Luttrell)
  4. Adaline Bailey (Cody and Jessica Bailey)

Boys 24 to 36 Months

  1. Tripp Flynn (Chandler and Austin Flynn)
  2. Karden Creekmore (Joseph Creekmore and Natalie Polston)
  3. Easton Crow (Lexia Lawless and Zach Crow)
  4. Kash Coffey (Kennedy and Ashton Coffey)

Girls 24 to 36 Months

  1. Ellora Russell (Shelby and Jason Russell)
  2. Addison Muir (Parents names not provided)
  3. Corbyn Antle (Lance and Tiffany Antle)
  4. Remington Ballenger (Dustin and MaKayla Ballenger)

Multiples 0 to 24 Months (boys and girls)

  1. Drake and Daryl Peters (Mariah and Joseph Peters)

Tiny Miss 

  1. Dri’Onna Jayde Ennis (Dion Ennis and Tara Johnson)
  2. Ember Kate Harrell (Jared Harrell and Kisha Dunham)
  3. Lilly Kate Bradshaw (Dustin and Elizabeth Bradshaw)
  4. Adri Mae Stephens (Luke and Brittany Stephens)

Prince and Princess

  1. Bella Louise Correll (Richie and Amanda Correll) and Bensyn Knox Childress (Adam and Tracy Childress)
  2. Harper Ashton Flynn (Chandler and Austin Flynn) and Henley Anston Luttrell (Matthew and Whitney Luttrell)
  3. Chandler Helm (Timothy and Danielle Helm) and Raylon Cooper (Jamison Cooper and Hannah Silverman)
  4. Nellie Davis (Ashley and Michelle Davis) amd Hank Coffey (Kennedy and Ashton Coffey)


  1. Ava Kate Sprowles (Randy and Erika Sprowles)
  2. Madeline Grace Prater (MarkRobert and Shavona Prater)
  3. Londyn Kate Childress (Adam and Tracy Childress)
  4. Isabella Oseguera (Emily and Javier Oseguera)

Miss Teen

  1. Karly Elizabeth Rains (Michael and Megan Rains)
  2. Jacey Ellen Flatt (Luci-Ann and Dennie Flatt)
  3. Paisley Grace Patterson (Adam and Matilda Patterson)
  4. Marqué Evellagolden Hicks (Damon Hicks)

Miss Russell County Winners

  1. Zoey Norris (Mike and Sherri Norris) Breeding
  2. Ella Robertson (Sherry Selby/Jamie Robertson) Russell Springs
  3. McKenna Woosley (Chad and Joanie Woosley) Leitchfield

Miss Russell County: Makenna Meeks (Jeff and Chastity Meeks) Jamestown

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