Inmate discovers loaded handgun while picking up litter

Russell County Jailer Bobby Dunbar said it’s not uncommon for inmates working on litter patrol to find unusual objects along roadways while working.

But Tuesday morning, an inmate at the Russell County Detention Center found something quite unusual, and slightly alarming.

A loaded handgun.

The .45 caliber handgun was discovered a little after 10 a.m. Tuesday. Dunbar said he received a call from a RCDC deputy working with inmates on litter patrol about a gun that was discovered while inmates were picking up litter along Moores Schoolhouse Road off Highway 619.

Dunbar told WJRS News that an inmate spotted the gun in a ditch line just a few feet from a mailbox.

“I immediately told him to bag it and bring it back up to the jail,” Dunbar said. “So when we got up here with it, it was a .45 caliber pistol fully loaded and it looked like it had been laying there for quite a while. An inmate discovered it and he yelled over at the deputy on duty and told him what happened and then the deputy took possession of it and called me.”

The jail turned the gun over to Kentucky State Police Post 15 for further examination.

“I felt like they needed to inspect the gun for further investigation,” Dunbar said. “I think that was the best thing to do there. They can do a more in-depth investigation on it.”

This isn’t the first time this situation has arose, Dunbar said.

In more than 10 years as jailer, Dunbar said a situation like this has occurred one other time.

“I just thought it would be good to let people know we did find that while on litter patrol and it has been turned over to the proper authorities,” Dunbar said.

The gun that was discovered was not an ordinary gun either, at least when it comes to appearance.

It was painted with different colors, and Dunbar said that Kentucky State Police told him it seemed like the gun had been laying outside for a while as it seemed to have water damage.

Inmates at the Russell County Detention Center discovered this loaded .45 caliber handgun off Moores Schoolhouse Road while on litter patrol Tuesday morning.

“We found that to be kind of odd, and it did have some rust on it,” Dunbar said. “It had probably been laying there, KSP suspected it had been laying there a while because it looked like it had suffered a lot of water damage. It was originally a black gun, but someone had painted it and had done a pretty good paint job on it.”

Dunbar said he’s thankful that the inmate immediately alerted the deputy about the situation and praised the deputy for taking quick action to make sure the gun was quickly stored away and brought back to the jail and turned over to KSP.

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