Winter Storm Alert

A Winter Storm Warning will go into effect for the Lake Cumberland Region at 6:00 pm this evening. We are continuing to watch this winter storm that will impact the area late tonight and into the day on Monday. I want to show you the latest from the weather models. Here’s the latest GFS..

Here’s the NAM…

Late last week and into the early part of the weekend, both models were showing a lot of snow for Russell County and some ice. The last few run of the models have me concerned because they are now trending toward some snow but more in ice than what was showing earlier. I want to show you the latest ice accumulation’s from the NAM model and it will show you what we could see..

Now there is still quite a bit of uncertainty and a slight shift to the north or south could be a big difference in what we see. Here’s is my latest call for snowfall and it was a tough one to come up with…

Right now I have Russell County i that 1-5 inch category with up the three quarters of an inch of ice possible which would be significant. If you have not gotten your shopping done you need to get that done by this evening because this the type of winter storm that could lead to shutdowns and possible power outages. I will continue to monitor the latest weather data and make adjustments to predicted totals as necessary.

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