Snow Still Possible Christmas Eve

Good Tuesday morning, everyone. Monday turned out to be a beautiful day and today will be much of the same with temperatures even warmer. Let’s get right into the forecast for today…

Scott Snuverink

Not much happening weather wise today, but it is going to be a beautiful day out there. Once again if you have any pictures around the county that you would like for me to use in those forecast graphics send an email to [email protected]. Now I know you are more than likely reading this because you are wanting a white Christmas badly. The chance is still there as you will see in the models below.  Let’s check them all out starting with the NAM…




Some of the late runs of the models on Monday were bringing the system in much faster and making it more of a rain event. Now the trend is back to a switch happening in time to bring some snow here for Christmas Eve. My point is that it is still to early to say how much snow we could see as things are still coming together. I will continue to watch later model runs this afternoon and push updates out as need be. If I had to make just an early prediction right now here is what I think would happen if this system was coming in today…

This map is just my initial thoughts on  how things could play our on Thursday. I always say that winter systems are so hard to predict and that so much can change and this will likely be adjusted over the next few days as well. Have a wonderful Tuesday folks and keep those fingers crossed for a snowy Christmas.

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