Russell Springs among 50 safest cities in Kentucky

A leading home security and safety advocacy website,, recently released a study that recognizes Russell Springs as one of the 50 safest cities in Kentucky.

Analysts from assessed data provided by the FBI Crime Report, Gun Violence Archive, U.S. Census Bureau, Insurance Journal and America Health Rankings to create its list of safest cities in Kentucky.

The rankings were broken down into public safety and financial safety.

Russell Springs ranked 34th in public safety and 46th in financial safety, placing 43rd overall in the safety rankings.

The full report with more information can be found here.

How the safest cities are determined

We narrowed down the safest cities in each state based on two primary categories. First, we evaluated public safety factors including violent, property and hate crimes in each area to help determine the safest areas to live. We then evaluated financial and socioeconomic factors including household income, average rent and health insurance. In addition, we evaluated each state for natural disaster safety and public health safety. You can find a detailed breakdown of our methodology and links to sources here.

Here are the public safety factors we counted for each city:

*Public safety data is based on a population of 10,000 (for example, a “2” means two incidents for every 10,000 people).

Property crime – Number of property crimes reported in the city (FBI Crime Report)
Violent crime – Number of violent crimes reported in the city (FBI Crime Report)
Aggravated assaults – Number of aggravated assaults reported in the city (FBI Crime Report)
Hate crime – Number of hate crimes reported in the city (FBI Hate Crime Report)
Officer-related incidents – Number of officer-involved shootings reported in the city (Gun Violence Archive)
Mass shootings – Incidents in which four or more people are shot/killed in the city (Gun Violence Archive)

Here are the financial safety factors we counted for each city:

Annual rent – Annualized median rent
Unemployment rate – The average rate of unemployed residents in each city
Cost of living – The average annual rent and household income per city
Poverty rate – Percentage of families that reported experiencing poverty in the last 12 months
Uninsured employed – Percentage of employed residents that reported not having health insurance
Uninsured unemployed – Percentage of unemployed residents that reported not having health insurance

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