Some Election Results Released in Russell County Wednesday

Although official final results from Tuesday’s primary election will not be released until next week, WJRS NEWS did obtain yesterday afternoon some results.

After several requests, staff from the office of County Clerk Sue Brockman did release the machine tallies from the in-person voting which occurred at the courthouse on Tuesday.

According to those results, in the race for State Representative, Josh Branscum received 344 of the in-person votes on Tuesday, while Mark Polston received 291 votes. As WJRS NEWS reported yesterday, Pulaski county officials did release all votes they had received on Tuesday, including all absentee votes, and the results showed Polston with just a 230 vote win over Branscum in Pulaski county. Although several other counties released their entire vote totals for ballots received as of 6pm Tuesday, including absentees, staff for the Russell County Clerk’s office said the decision on whether to release those results was a decision of the local county clerks and Russell County’s results would not be released until Tuesday.

No time was given to WJRS NEWS for the release of the final vote tally on Tuesday.

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