UK Football Signee Quay’Sheed Scott “Maximum Effort” Addition


If there is one thing coach Brian Hennecy thinks Kentucky football fans should know about signee Quay’Sheed Scott is that he always gives maximum effort.

“I think he will give you 110 percent every time he is on the field,” Hennecy said about the 6-0, 190-pound defensive back from Marion, S.C. “He is going to follow the coaching and give it all he has. He is ready to go to Big Blue Nation and perform. Kentucky fans should be excited for him and what he brings to the team.”

He was a four-star player at Marion High School who had  68 tackles, six tackles for loss, three interceptions and one fumble recovery in 2023 but also averaged   63.7 receiving yards per game and 53.6 rushing yards per game. He also led his 10-2 team with 23 touchdowns.

During a recent visit to South Carolina, I had a chance to talk to Scott about his decision to come to Kentucky and more.

Question: What is your relationship like with UK defensive back coach Chris Collins?
Scott: “Ever since day one he showed a lot of love to me. The last weekend of track season he wanted me to run a certain time for my 100 (meter dash) and I couldn’t get there because it was my first year running track. He’s been working with me and wanted  me to come to camp. I went to (UK’s) camp and did well in drills and my 40 (4.4 seconds) and he offered me. Ever since then we have been texting almost every day.”

Question: Did running the 40-yard dash in 4.4 seconds at UK’s camp last summer surprise you?
Scott: “I wouldn’t say it surprised me. I knew my time was good but it did shock me a little bit when I saw the time. I ain’t going to be cocky but I knew I had a good camp. I had two picks (interceptions) and that stood out most. And when I got there everybody had on regular camp shirts but they made me take mine off and that made me stand out even more.”

Question: What was it about Kentucky that your mother liked so much?
Scott: “Basically my mom was going with my decision. I was telling her all about Kentucky and that I loved it there. Since coach Collins and coach (Mark) Stoops got a relationship with my mom, she felt like it was right for me.”

Question: Since you have a cousin (Cam Smith) playing in the NFL and a cousin (TJ Sanders) at South Carolina, has that inspired you in any way and how competitive is your family?
Scott: “I wouldn’t say competitive. We all want to be great and all want to be in the NFL. We compete but not against each other that hard.”

Question: How does your cousin (defensive tackle T.J. Sanders of Marion) feel about you picking Kentucky?
Scott: “He called me about that. He didn’t like that. Everybody here, though, supported me when I committed to Kentucky. They were saying that was a good choice for me and felt like it was the best place for me to go.”

Question: Did anything really surprise you when you visited Kentucky?
Scott: “No. It was different and I liked it. I wasn’t going to wait to commit because I loved the atmosphere and the coaches showed me a lot of love. Everything was great. I felt like it was home.”

Question: Have you had a chance to get to know any of the other players in your recruiting class?
Scott: “Our whole (20)24 class is in a group chat. We keep in touch. I am close to Stevie (Soles of Powell, Tenn.). Me and him were on official visits together. I feel like we have a great class. I can’t wait to see how we will do.”

Question: Will not enrolling early at UK like a lot of other players did be a big deal or not to you when you do arrive on campus in June?
Scott: “I feel like if you can play, you can play no matter when you get to the school. My coaches for Kentucky have been getting me in Zooms (calls) to help me get the defense down pat so by the time I get there I will be ready. They also send me workouts so when I get there it will not be new to me.”

Question: Have you spent much time with UK defensive coordinator Brad White and what does coach Collins tell you about the defense?
Scott: “I talk to coach White a lot. Coach Collins tells me I can play when I get there so I am working hard to be able to do that. Some people say coaches tell all recruits that but I know what I can do and that I can show out when I get there. With Dru (Phillips) going to the NFL, I feel I can fill his role.”

Question: Could you be the most underrated player in UK’s signing class?
Scott: “I guess you could say that. It’s fine. The coaches have seen me at camp and in person. They know what I can do. I don’t worry about rankings. I led our team in tackles. I just think I am an all-around player.”

Question: What do Marion High School do best to prepare you to be a SEC player?
Scott: “We won state my freshman season and that prepared me for what was coming next. I got used to playing with really good players.”