Former UK Coach Brooks Honored in Lexington


Former Kentucky football coach Rich Brooks and his wife, Karen, recently were back in Lexington for a ceremony officially named the field at the renovated indoor practice facility in their honor.

“Without a lot of great players and coaches none of this would have happened,” Brooks said about the honor. “It was a very special time with a lot of former players, coaches and athletic staff members and it was really great to see the families of former players and how they are doing in life and being successful raising their own kids. It was just a very special time for Karen and I.”
Brooks can also sympathize with the criticism Mark Stoops has received at times this season.

“I remember callers to my radio show saying they were tired of me after four straight middle tier bowl games and want to win the SEC,” Brooks said. “Fan expectations are high and should be. They support the school and want success. Coach Stoops is probably as frustrated as I was that we could not crack the upper echelon of the SEC and get to the SEC championship game.”

Brooks said Stoops having UK bowl eligible eight straight years is “remarkable” considering the SEC is a “meat grinder” for every team.

“Any Kentucky fan that does not understand that needs to do some research and look at how Kentucky football has fared over the years. What he is doing is remarkable,” Brooks said.