Stranded hikers rescued in Adair County

A group of four hikers were rescued in neighboring Adair County after they became stranded near the Holmes Bend Campground.

According to Adair County Emergency Management, emergency crews were alerted by two children that a group of hikers had become stranded between two rock drop-offs.

Emergency crews picked up the children and were led to the scene where one of the hikers had made her way to the top of the ravine. Crews were able to make contact with the stranded hikers to ensure they were not seriously hurt, and then began rescue operations.

Emergency crews were able to use ropes to help the hikers make it to the top of the ravine and from there, the hikers were able to get back to safety without assistance.

The Adair County E911 center documented 40 minutes from the time of units being dispatched to all persons being been rescued.


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