3 juveniles charged with assault at Adair Youth Development Center

Three juveniles in custody at the Adair Youth Development Center have been charged with assault after attacking staff and the Kentucky State Police, according to the Kentucky Justice and Public Safety Cabinet.

The attack came during last Thursday’s evening medicine distribution. In response, KSP and the Department of Juvenile Justice both charged the males with third degree assault. Then on Saturday, one juvenile at the facility, which is connected to the detention center and houses juveniles post adjudication, physically attacked a correctional officer. The correctional officer deployed pepper spray and was able to quickly regain control preventing any injuries. That male has also been charged with third degree assault.

State officials say the events were all contained and did not turn into larger events because of recent changes made by administration, including having the Kentucky State Police on site, as well as better-equipping staff to control disturbances by deploying recently obtained defensive equipment, including pepper spray.