State offers driving tips after time change

With daylight saving time having ended this past weekend, drivers are being presented with challenges during their commutes that could impact pedestrian safety as well as the safety of others on the road.

The Kentucky Office of Highway Safety and Triple A recommends motorists make changes in their daily habits to adjust to reduced visibility caused by sun glare in the morning, and earlier darkness in the evening.

Motorists are advised to get plenty of rest. Symptoms of drowsy driving can include having trouble keeping your eyes open, drifting from lanes, or not remembering the last few miles driven. Officials say to wear high-quality sunglasses and to adjust the car’s sun visors as needed to avoid glare in the morning and to reduce speeds and increase following distances, especially in more populated areas.

Officials also say to ditch distractions, including cell phones and to use headlights as this can make you more visible to pedestrians and other motorists in the morning and evening.