State issues advisory regarding dangerous chemicals in fish from KY waterways

An advisory has been issued by state regulators for people to consider limiting how much fish they eat from Kentucky lakes and rivers, including Lake Cumberland, due to contamination by chemicals linked to cancer and other health issues.

For years there have been advisories on limiting fish consumption because of mercury and PCBs, but the new advisory is the first covering chemicals known as PFAS.

According to a state release, tests on fish tissue from several waterways in the state found a number contained such chemicals.

PFAS repel grease, oil and water. They’ve been used in America for years in a number of products, including firefighting foam, non-stick cookware, stain-resistant carpet, furniture, cosmetics, dental floss and fast-food wrappers.
For the general population, a maximum of one meal a month of predatory fish and one meal a week of bottom-feeding fish and panfish is acceptable. A meal is defined as one 8-ounce serving for a 150-pound person.

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