It could cost to have an ambulance stage at a community event

Is the Russell County Ambulance Service now charging a fee for ambulances to attend events in Russell County? That is a question WJRS News has asked the past couple of days, but does not yet have a firm answer.

Last weekend, the Russell County Jaycees, the largest non-profit organization in the county, held a tractor pull at the Russell County Fairgrounds. Shortly after the event, Jaycee Samuel Gosser took to social media to question an apparent decision by the Russell County Ambulance Service to charge the Jaycees $850 for a crew to be present at the event.

WJRS News contacted ambulance service director Robert Baugh to ask about the ambulance service charging a fee to non-profit groups, such as the Jaycees. Baugh responded via text message and said he was out of town and would comment on this issue when he returned. WJRS News also contacted Randy Marcum, chairperson of the ambulance board and Marcum referred questions to Baugh.

Judge-Executive Gary Robertson, who is leaving office at the end of the year and who appoints members to the ambulance board with fiscal court approval, said yesterday he didn’t have a thought on the matter either way and that he trusted the board members, who oversee the everyday operations of the service, to make the right decision.

Another board member said that the ambulance service would be charging a fee in the future to attend all events in the community, including school events. Does this mean the ambulance service is now going to charge the local school district to attend high school football games? At this point, it appears the answer may depend on who you ask. WJRS News will continue to ask questions and hopefully get a definitive answer on the new ambulance board policy, and if one actually exists.

Be sure and join Jeff Hoover and Tony Kerr Friday morning on All Things Russell as they hope to have a discussion on this issue.