Horse Cave Adult Bookstore closed following investigation into death, drugs and sex

In nearby Horse Cave, an adult bookstore has been shut down following a police investigation that included death, drugs and sex, according to the Hart County Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff’s office said the investigation into the Horse Cave Adult Bookstore off Interstate 65 dates back three years into complaints of intoxicated persons, physical assaults, drug sales, and more.

Over the course of three years, numerous citations and arrests were made for indecent exposure, resulting from undercover officers entering the establishment and observing persons having sexual contact inside the book store during this time.

Among the reports that law enforcement investigated was the selling of illegal sexual enhancement drugs known as “poppers” in a back room that resulted in the death of at least two people, along with rooms that contained “glory holes” where people paid for other sexual acts with strangers.

Law enforcement is continuing the investigation into the adult bookstore, and the Hart County Fiscal Court is pursuing a civil suit against the company.

The sheriff’s office said the owners of the business agreed during a court hearing Aug. 31 to permanently close the operation.


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