Famous Goodyear Blimp made its way across local skies Tuesday

Numerous photos, videos, and sighting reports of the famed Goodyear Blimp lit up social media on Tuesday as the recognizable airship made its way through the skies above Russell and surrounding counties.

WJRS NEWS reached out to Goodyear and the blimp in question, the Wingfoot Two, according to the company, had recently covered the Georgia-Oregon and Georgia Tech-Clemson college football games in Atlanta over the Labor Day holiday weekend and was on its way to Louisville for the night before heading to its base in Akron, Ohio today.

The Wingfoot Two Goodyear Blimp airship has appeared at the NBA Finals, the Oscars, the College Football Playoffs, numerous PGA Tour events, NASCAR races and the Rose Parade, just to name a few.

At more than 246 feet long, Wingfoot Two stretches nearly the length of a football field. The blimp’s top speed is 73 miles per hour. It can also hold around 300,000 cubic feet of helium, the equivalent of more than 25 million baseballs.

To see many of the photos and videos of the blimp’s trip through our area check out the Laker Country 104.9 WJRS Facebook page.

Photo courtesy of Judy Hachey