More funding available for clean water, sewer maintenance

An additional $250 million in funding for the state’s Cleaner Water Program was announced by Gov. Andy Beshear on Thursday, where the governor asked local utilities to submit projects for this second round of funding.

The funds build on the $250 million appropriated last year in hopes of delivering quality, clean drinking water to citizens as well as to maintain sewer systems.

Water resource coordinators, representing Kentucky’s 15 area development districts, including the Lake Cumberland ADD, and area water management councils, can submit project profiles through a statewide portal to indicate interest in funding from the Cleaner Water Program.

Eligible government agencies, such as Jamestown Utilities or Russell Springs Sewer and Water Works, can collaborate with their ADD coordinator and council to submit a project. Earlier this year, Russell Springs and Jamestown received just over $329,000 each for two water projects during the initial cleaner water funding cycle.

The application process will be ongoing throughout 2022 until all funding is committed. The Kentucky Infrastructure Authority will begin reviewing projects this summer and make awards continuously throughout the year. All grant awardees must obligate the funds by December 31, 2024.