Local business developer sees bright future for Russell Springs

Local business developer Brad Vaughn sees a bright future for the city of Russell Springs.

Vaughn, a resident of Liberty, has begun investing in multiple business ventures in Russell County, including car washes, Laker Laundry, and Hop, Skip N Jump.

Originally, Vaughn said he was looking for new rental opportunities, but opportunities arose that piqued his interest.

“I just saw an opportunity in a couple areas and felt like I had a better chance of succeeding in Russell Springs than in Liberty,” Vaughn said. “Honestly, I think some of it kind of happened by accident a little, and sometimes that’s the best way things happen.”

Vaughn said one of the most important factors was assistance from people in city government.

“When I initially started asking questions about this or that, and running some numbers, I had a lot of support from the city and the people that worked there,” Vaughn said. “Jeramy [Coffey], the economic development director, he was very helpful right off the bat and everyone was very welcoming. I felt like people in Russell Springs were willing to help you and it isn’t like that everywhere.”

Vaughn said he hopes to continue investments in Russell County as new opportunities arise.

“I’m always looking out for new opportunities,” Vaughn said.

And Vaughn believes there will be plenty of new opportunities in the future. Before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vaughn said Russell Springs was on the verge of some economic breakthroughs.

“I think Russell Springs, right before COVID, was fixing to take off,” Vaughn said. “I think we’re getting right back to that point again. I think there is a ton of potential and this area is primed to make a run and do big things.”



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