Sheriff Polston encouraging people to stay off roadways

Russell County Sheriff Derek Polston said he’s thankful the winter storm hasn’t been as bad as it could’ve been but said that roadways remain slick and dangerous, and is encouraging people to stay home if at all possible.

Polston said there hasn’t been a lot of traffic on the roadways, something he is thankful for as the sheriff’s office has not responded to many calls during the winter storm. From noon Monday until about 8 p.m., the sheriff’s office responded to about 10 calls and no major accidents, Polston said.

“With the weather conditions being the way they’ve been, I want to thank Russell County for heeding the warnings from our local radio stations and emergency officials, staying off the roadways for the most part and not venturing out,” Polston said.

While main roadways were somewhat cleared, the freezing temperatures are expected to make those roadways slick again by tomorrow morning and many secondary roadways remain covered.

“Everyone needs to use extreme caution if you need to be out,” Polston said. “If you don’t have to be out, I’m praying that people will stay home and stay off the roadways.”

Polston reminded anyone who has needs but are not able to get out, contact Russell County Dispatch at 270-343-6600 or dial 911.

“Between the Rescue Squad, ambulance personnel, fire departments, and other first responders, we’ll be able to get to you if you need help,” Polston said.


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