Snow Likely Today

Good Monday morning, everyone. Well if you are out and about early you are already seeing some snow falling in the area and it has actually been coming down pretty good at times. That was thanks to some dynamic cooling that caused a quick shift from rain to snow showers. That looks to be around this morning, but the best chance continues to be later on this afternoon and into the evening hours, First off a Winter Weather Advisory will go into effect this afternoon that does include Russell County. Let’s get right into the latest hour-by-hour radar…

You can see that snow around this morning and then it comes back into play later on this afternoon. Temperatures are going to be dropping throughout the day that will help enhance the snow chances. As for totals, you know I am not a fan of doing that because one little thing could change so much in terms of who sees how much. With that being said I would not be totally surprised if folks see a general 1 to maybe even 2 inches of snowfall in some areas. Of course some could see nothing at all as that has happened so many times. We will continue to keep a watch on everything and will keep you up to date with the very latest.

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