Tracking Delta, Remnants to Bring Rainfall this Weekend

Good Friday morning, we are watching Hurricane Delta as it begins to make landfall around Louisiana. Unfortunately, that will bring wet weather to our area Saturday. Let’s get a current check of Hurricane this morning…

The center of Delta is still little bit off shore, but that will change as we go through the day today. As Delta makes its way further inland, some of the outer bands will extend northward and eventually bring showers to our area…

There’s the latest High-Resolution NAM model, and especially late tonight and early Saturday morning, you can see rain bands will get into our area. Rainfall could be heavy at times and there could be some flash flooding issues in some areas. Here’s the latest projection on rainfall rates.


Looks like most of southern and south central Kentucky can expect around an inch to two inches of rainfall by the time we are finished with the remnants of Delta. We will keep you up to date on the very latest and hope all of you have a safe and wonderful weekend.

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