Jamestown Mayor Shearer hopes to have trick-or-treating in Jamestown

Count Jamestown Mayor Nick Shearer as someone who hopes that the city will be able to do trick-or-treating this Halloween.

“Kids need to be kids,” Shearer said. “I agree that we need to take precautions and do all we can to be safe… I want them to be able to be kids. I remember going to different houses in Jamestown when I was a kid and I really hope kids are able to do that.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, questions remain about what Halloween will look like this year for children hoping to dress in their favorite costumes and pick up some candy around town.

At Thursday’s Jamestown City Council meeting, Shearer said he has asked the Lake Cumberland District Health Department for some guidance on trick-or-treating and he hopes to hear back soon so an announcement can be made for the public.

“We want to have it, and we are awaiting guidance from Jonathan Dye [with the Lake Cumberland District Health Department],” Shearer said. “I’ve asked him about it and he said he would give me his advice or a recommendation within the next few weeks. So hopefully within the next few weeks, I can give you all some kind of update.”

Shearer said he is a proponent of having trick-or-treating, saying that it’s important for the children of the community.

“I want to have it, and I’ve expressed that I want to have it,” Shearer said. “We want to have it in the City of Jamestown, if that’s at all possible. I hope you all will support me and agree that we want to have it. With all that said, I’m hopeful I can give you all an update at the next council meeting, if not sooner.”


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