Russell County Schools Will Start “Virtual Only” on August 26th, Ford Says

Special Called Board Meeting Thursday

Russell County School Superintendent Michael Ford sent an email to all Russell County teachers and staff Tuesday afternoon, informing them he had decided that when school starts on August 26h, there will be no in person classes. All instruction will be done virtually. Below is the text of Ford’s email notifying teachers and staff.

There will be a special called board meeting on Thursday, August 6 at 10 AM at the ANC and I will be recommending that we start the 2020-2021 school year virtually for all students. This recommendation has not come easy and although we (YOU ALL) have been working toward an in-person option to start the school year I feel it is not feasible or the safest option at this point. We are having an increase in COVID-19 cases and there are many unique challenges of meeting the current guidelines to safely reopen our schools. While I can appreciate the fact that not everyone will agree with my recommendation, I trust that we can “agree to disagree” and work towards providing our students the best possible education. My recommendation will include Fall Break as the next point to consider the option for in-person classes to start; the virtual option will remain throughout the 2020-2021 school year.

As I have noted in previous emails, we need to be flexible. We will maintain everyone’s job this school year but what we are asked or expected to do might look a little different.

Let’s lift one another up in prayer and do what we do best—educate students! No matter our role in Russell County Schools, we are all educators.

God Bless,

Michael A. Ford
Russell County Schools
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Jamestown, KY 42629
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