Beauty Pageant Winners from 2020 Russell County Jaycees Fair

Winners in various beauty pageants at the 2020 Russell County Jaycees Fair on Friday night were announced.   The winners are as follows:

Little Miss and Mister Pageant

Winner:     Ellis Kate Wade of Somerset and Rayden Brinkley Luttrell of Russell Springs

1st Runner Up:  Vaeda Murray and Madix Glover, both of Jamestown

2nd Runner Up:  Harper Flynn of Somerset and Henley Luttrell of Jamestown



Winner:     Olivia Day Stephens, Russell Springs

1st Runner Up:  Lexxus Danielle Evans, Dunnville

2nd Runner Up:  Madeline Grace Prater, Russell Springs


Miss Teen:

Winner:  Reilly Evelyn Smith, Somerset

1st Runner Up:  Jamie Grace Hiser, Cave City

2nd Runner Up:  Sophie Todd, Hodgenville


Miss Russell County Fair

Winner:  Courtney Rager, Murray

1st Runner Up:  Sydney Sampson, Albany

2nd Runner Up:  Maggie Mae Woodruff, Beechmont


Miss Russell County Resident

Ella Robertson