127 Yard Sale Raising Concerns Over Health Risks

Story Courtesy of WKYT-TV, Channel 27-Lexington

It’s billed as the world’s longest yard sale, and it’s taking place in Kentucky and other states this weekend.

People are already setting up for the sale in several Kentucky counties.

Some are concerned about the health risks, but others say the 127 Yard Sale is important for people’s livelihood.

The yard sale route goes through several states and Kentucky is right in the middle. The sale attracts people from all over the country.

Some have expressed concerns with that many people coming in, they could bring the virus.
Mike Wilder, Boyle County’s emergency management director, says people need to manage and shop at this event and follow the same rules and regulations that are in other retail establishments.

“If I were going to participate in the 127 Yard Sale, and I had a booth, there would be no question about the fact that before you came to my booth you would need to have a mask, and you would need to practice social distancing,” Wilder said. “Do everything in your power not to pick up articles and move them.”

The director of the Anderson County Health Department said, while he is concerned about their cases spiking, he says the fact that it is outdoor, and if people limit the number of people inside a ten and mandate masks are worn, this could be done safely.

The 127 Yard Sale runs from Thursday through Sunday.