Black Lives Matter Protest in Jamestown Wednesday Evening

It started as a peaceful protest by two persons on the square in Jamestown yesterday afternoon, but led to a heated exchange of words and law enforcement being called to the scene.

WJRS NEWS was present yesterday afternoon when two persons stood on the monument square in Jamestown, one African American and one apparent Hispanic, holding signs supporting the Black Lives Matter.    Around 6 o’clock, law enforcement officers were called to the square with report of a fight.  

Deputy Kenny Perkins and Jamestown officer Larry Wesley responded to the scene.  There is video evidence of some verbal exchanges between the protestors and passers by.   Some of the video footage has been posted to our Facebook page at Laker Country 1-0-4-9.  

The protesters dispersed before 7 o’clock and law enforcement authorities tell WJRS NEWS no arrests were made.

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