Less Incarcerations During Pandemic

Significantly fewer people in jail or being arrested…that is one result of the coronavirus pandemic locally.  

WJRS Local News recently talked with Jailer Bobby Dunbar about the number of persons being arrested or lodged for detention at the local facility. 

Dunbar says there has been a huge decrease in the number of people booked over the recent month or so. According to Dunbar, for the year thus far, 184 persons were booked and lodged during the month of January; 147 during February; 103 during the month of March.  

 However, thru Tuesday of this week, April 28th, only 37 persons had been arrested and lodged at the local detention facility. To put that in perspective, the average for the first three months of the year was 125 inmates per month, compared to around 40 for April, or less than one third the monthly average.

Part of the reason is an Order from the Kentucky Supreme Court that low lever misdemeanor offenses be released on their own signature, thus not having to be lodged or make bond.  Also, local officials have made a concerted effort to reduce the jail population following recommendations of public health officials.  

Also, some local officials say there just has not been as much criminal activity in the past several weeks as a result of the coronavirus.    

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