KYTC District 8 Reminds Motorists Mowing Season is Underway

State and contract crews will complete three mowing cycles, including litter removal on interstates, parkways and other primary routes throughout the state.

Also, the state highway department reminds persons that Kentucky law prohibits the placement of non-official signs of any type – including campaign signs, yard sales or other advertising – on state highway right of way, utility poles, fences and guardrails. Depending on size and construction, illegally placed signs are a distraction and can be a safety issue for motorists when blocking the view of oncoming vehicles.

Campaign signs and other signs placed on state right of way that restrict sight distance or interfere with mowing and maintenance operations will be removed by state highway crews. Signs that are removed will be held at the state highway garage in each county for two weeks and any Unclaimed signs will be discarded.

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