Expenses at 911 center continuing to increase

There has been a lot of discussion about funding for Russell County E-911 in recent months.

The conversations have centered around the interlocal agreement that funds E-911 between the two cities, the county, and the ambulance service.

Each of the cities opted to lower their contributions from $35,000 the year prior to $25,000 for the current fiscal year, although previous versions of the interlocal agreement contained language for the cities to contribute $25,000.

That remains notable as expenses for E-911 continue to increase.

According to the judge executive’s office, the expenditures for Russell County E-911 last fiscal year totaled just over $477,000.

At about the halfway mark through the current fiscal year, expenditures have totaled more than $293,000, a little more than 61 percent of last year’s expenditures.

At the current rate, expenditures for E-911 in the current fiscal year would finish at around $586,000.


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