Tre Mitchell Feels Blessed to Now Play at UK


Tre Mitchell played at Mass, Texas and West Virginia before arriving at Kentucky this season where he has been a huge plus for the Wildcats with his 3-point shooting, passing and interior defense with three 7-foot teammates out for various reasons.

St. Joseph’s coach Bill Lang was impressed when he saw Mitchell in person at how much progress he’s made in the 108 college games he’s played in.

“I think that the first thing that sticks out is his body has changed and I respect that because it takes discipline,” Lang said. “You can have all the strength coaches and resources and clearly Kentucky has that, but just looking at all of the work our own players have done to transform their bodies it takes two. And he has done a great job since he left UMass, at Texas and West Virginia.

“But this is as lean and slim that I have seen him. I think that the offense positioning that it looks like the coach is doing is essentially moving the ball for them so the guards can cut off and play on the second and third side and he needs to be that fit to do it for them. I was upset when he left West Virginia, trust me, I knew we’d have to play him.”

Mitchell appreciates the opportunity he has at Kentucky and the way UK fans and teammates have embraced him.

“I’m unbelievably blessed to be in the position I’m in. To play for the Big Blue Nation, to be on the path that I have been on and ultimately leading me here for my last year of college — it’s such a blessing from God,” Mitchell said.

“And it looks different from an outside perspective, but when you take a step back from it and really look at it — God has orchestrated this unbelievably for me to be here. And my family has supported me every step of the way. I can’t be thankful enough for them. Regardless of how I play, what I do — they support me.

“And then to come here and play with these dudes is an unbelievable blessing in itself. You’ve got unbelievable talent, but these dudes, as people? I’m going to be in contact with these dudes for the rest of my life. God has just been so graceful to me. It really, truly is unbelievable to me.”