ESPN Analyst Seth Greenberg Says Cats Could Play Two 7-footers Together


ESPN college basketball analyst Seth Greenberg said he was not surprised that UK played so well in its four games in Canada last month because he had been talking to Kentucky coach John Calipari and assistant John Welsh, Greenberg’s assistant at Long Beach State.

“They had told me how much they liked this team and I could see what they meant,” Greenberg said.

Kentucky did have injured 7-footers Aaron Bradshaw or Ugonna Onyenso in Toronto but Greenberg knows what Bradshaw can add when he returns.

“He is a skilled dude. He is a big that can step away from the basket and make shots and plays,” Greenberg said. “Bradshaw can really shoot and he can also really pass. He’s just got special skills.”

Greenberg also believes Onyenso will “have some type of role” because at the very least he can protect the rim unlike any other UK player.

West Virginia transfer Tre Mitchell played the center position with Bradshaw and Onyenso not available. Greenberg could easily see Mitchell and Bradshaw playing together.

“That’s a great lineup if Cal wants to go big. I am sure they will look at that and depending on who they are playing, they could play the bigs together with their guard heavy roster. I would not be shocked at all to see Cal playing two bigs with Mitchell being one of them.”