Lawmakers discuss bill that would automate expungement process

Kentucky lawmakers discussed a bill late last week that would automate the expungement process for those with low level, non-violent crimes who have completed their sentences.

The legislation, which was introduced last year but did not pass before the end of the session, would have to be reintroduced this year for lawmakers to vote on it.

The bill is known as the Clean Slate Act and would apply to Kentuckians who have completed their sentence and remain crime-free for five years as well as completed any restitution payments.

Once those requirements are met, the state would notify the individual they are eligible for expungement. This process would involve the Administrative Office of the Courts and Kentucky State Police, and a judge would have to issue the final approval.

Less than 10 percent of individuals who are eligible for expungement actually petition the court for their expungement, with many citing factors such as cost. Expungements can cost as much as $300, although these fees can sometimes be waived for those meeting income requirements.



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