Slight increase in Republican voter registration ahead of primary

There was an increase in Republican voter registration in early April, prior to the voter rolls closing for today’s primary election for governor and other statewide constitutional offices.

According to figures from the secretary of state’s office, from April 1 through April 17, just over 5,800 new voters registered, while 3,250 were removed for various reasons.

Republican registration accounts for 46 percent of the electorate with nearly 1.6 million voters. Republican registration increased by 0.14 percent increase. Democratic registration accounts for 44 percent of the electorate, with more than 1.5 million voters. Democratic registration decreased 0.03 percent.

There are just over 346,000 voters registered under other political affiliations, making up 10 percent of the electorate. Other party registration increased by more than 900, a 0.27 percent increase.