RCEA donates to high school’s ‘Educators Rising’ group

The Russell County Education Association recently donated $500 to the Russell County High School’s “Educators Rising” group.

This is the group’s first year and four seniors completed the group’s pathway, consisting of four classes, in just one year and will soon be heading to Florida to compete with fellow future educators. The donation will be used to help with meals while they are there, according to RCEA’s president Rhonda Kimbler.

Kimbler encourages all current and retired educators to give back to their profession by supporting these future educators with a donation. Mrs. Devin Godby at Russell County High School is the contact person if you would like to donate.

Below are a few quotes from the students themselves on how the donations will impact them as future educators:

Emmy Pratt – The donation to me encompasses the support of our community to future educators which is vital to our school systems. It gives us opportunities that will benefit us now, but later benefit the future of our community. We are thankful for the support.

Amy McGowan – We are so grateful for this donation so that we are able to focus solely on building up our experiences in Orlando to bring back to Russell County as current students and future educators. We are all extremely grateful for the support of the RCEA as well as the community throughout these experiences as future educators.
Emma Grider – We all greatly appreciate the RCEA and their donation, for it’s an encouraging contribution that proves we have the support of our community. Their support is a huge motivating factor in allowing us to feel capable in our future as educators. They are aiding the experience of Orlando for us, which we can never than them enough for.
Saturn Walsh – The entire club is extremely appreciative that the RCEA is confident in Russell County’s future educators. This support will only expose us to more experiences that we hope to bring back to Russell County School system.
Will Brooks Pratt – This donation is a great investment in our and others futures. It will help foster an education program that people in Russell County can be proud of. 
Natalie Dilsaver – We are very grateful for this amazing donation from the RCEA. The support shown from the RCEA means so much to us and our program. This donation inspires confidence in our young program and gives us what it takes to make sure we are getting the most enriching experience possible.