‘Kevin’s Kids’ funding dispersed to schools

Gaither musician and Russell County native Kevin Williams was in town on Monday to present checks to each school’s family resource and youth service centers. The money comes from the more than $89,000 raised during the “Kevin’s Kids” concert last month.

Superintendent Michael Ford, several school board members, principals, community leaders, and resource staff were on hand at the Russell County Schools ANC for the presentation.

Money is broken down per school based on the current year’s enrollment, meaning Russell County High School received more than $24,000, the middle school received nearly $20,000, Russell Springs Elementary received almost $19,000, Jamestown Elementary received nearly $15,000, and Salem Elementary received almost $12,000.

Next year will be the 10th anniversary of the local benefit concert and with that, Williams and Ford have agreed for $100,000 to be next year’s goal. To this point, around half a million dollars has been raised for this cause.

Williams expressed his gratitude to all those who give to the cause year in and year out and said he looks forward to celebrating the concert’s 10th anniversary in 2024.