Shooting at Anderson’s Pizza believed to be self-defense

Two people were reportedly shot during an incident at Anderson’s Pizzeria in Adair County Tuesday night.

According to the Adair County Sheriff’s Office, deputies arrived at the restaurant after 9 p.m. Tuesday in reference to shots fired and discovered two people had been shot in an incident the agency says is believed to be self-defense.

According to law enforcement, an altercation began inside the restaurant as two men, Chris Marano and Stephen Perez, started an altercation with another male, Ernesto Garcia, and his girlfriend Alisha Corbin. According to employees at the bar, Marano and Perez had already been asked to leave the bar due to their behavior toward staff and guests.

Ernesto tried to leave, but the altercation got physical when Marano struck Ernesto, then Perez jumped in. Murano and Perez began assaulting Ernesto by punching him, kicking him, stomping his head into floor, and hitting him with chairs.

According to law enforcement, Corbin went outside and retrieved a 9mm handgun, then came back in as staff members tried to stop the assault. Corbin then exited the building with the firearm, and Marano and Perez gave chase to her.

A witness states she gave the gun to Ernesto at their truck. An employee, Neal Rooks, who was trying to help Ernesto, was shot in the foot. He stated he heard the male identified as Marano yell he had a gun as he charged toward Ernesto and him in parking lot. Ernesto began firing his 9mm, striking Marano in the leg, ankle, wrist, and stomach.

Marano was flown to University of Louisville, where he is in stable condition.

Perez and Corbin were not injured. Ernesto received medical attention at TJ Health Columbia for the injuries he received.

According to law enforcement, the incident is believed to be self-defense, but the case will be brought before Commonwealth’s Attorney Brian Wright to determine whether charges will be filed.

The case is under further investigation by Adair County Sheriff Josh Brockman.


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