Reports say Lake Cumberland tourist attraction, ‘Billy the Goat,’ has died

A Lake Cumberland tourist attraction, “Billy the Goat,” has reportedly died.

News of the domestic goat’s death, allegedly by a gunshot some three to four weeks ago, spread across social media this week, most notably in the popular Facebook group “Lake Cumberland,” where hundreds of posts have now been made memorializing the now supposed deceased goat.

According to reports, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers say they have received calls and are looking into the matter, but they can’t confirm if Billy was shot or if Billy is actually dead.

Lake Cumberland-Russell County Tourism Executive Director Danielle Wilson spoke to WJRS NEWS about the impact of Billy’s untimely death…

For the last several years, boaters and tourists have taken thousands of photos and videos with the famed goat, who greeted them at the mouth of Difficulty Creek on Lake Cumberland and in several surrounding areas.

Wilson said Billy was nearly on the cover of this year’s lake tourism guide, narrowly losing a vote to a scenic lake waterfall, and folks from all over would stop in the tourism office to ask for directions to try and find him once they hit the water…