KSP troopers to be placed at Adair, other juvenile detention facilites

Governor Andy Beshear announced late last week that Kentucky State Police will soon be placed at all three high-security juvenile detention facilities in neighboring Adair County, Warren County and Fayette County.

The KSP troopers will be at the facilities 24-7 until personnel reach a safer point, according to Beshear. The governor’s announcement continue to highlight changes being made in the Department of Juvenile Justice since several violent incidents occurred at such facilities recently.

As reported last week on local news, a lawsuit has been filed by two former employees of the Adair County facility against the Department of Juvenile Justice that said youth in the facility were locked down for 24 hours a day, not fed, and kept in unsanitary conditions. The lawsuit also alleged that some supervisors were falsifying certain documents, such as incident reports.