Several options on the table as county occupational tax sunset looms

The sunset clause on the county’s occupational tax is looming, with the sunset clause on the tax going into effect on April 1.

With that date nearing, Russell County Judge Executive Randy Marcum said several options are on the table.

Any change to the county’s occupational tax, or even a continuation of the same rate, is ultimately up to the fiscal court, which would have to have a majority vote.

But Marcum told WJRS News on Friday that he has been looking at several options to provide the magistrates with so they can decide what approach the county wants to take.

The fiscal court is expected to take up the occupational tax issue at its February 13 regular meeting, as two readings will be needed to approve it before the April 1 date.

Marcum said Russell County has not been immune to the inflation that has affected the entire country and rising costs are something the county will have to take into account.

As of now, the occupational tax sits at 0.75 percent with a $2,500 cap, which applies to individuals working within the county as well as businesses operating within the county.

The last significant change with the county’s occupational tax came in 2013 when the fiscal court lowered it to 0.75 percent from 1 percent but increased the cap from $800 to $2,500.

From 1994-2011, the county occupational tax was 0.25 percent.

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